Michele Cacano-Green, LMP
  Michele Cacano-Green      Licensed Massage Practitioner     Seattle, Washington     206-852-5284

Location of Michele's office

4444 Woodland Park Ave North
Suite 204
Seattle, WA 98103

(That's Woodland Park, not Woodlawn. Be sure to get the right street!)

By appointment only -- call 206-852-5284

Photo of the office building

4444 Woodland Park Ave North

There is plenty of street parking available. It is easy to get to, from just about anywhere - I-5 (45th St. Exit), Aurora Ave (46th St. exit to the right), University Street Bridge to 44th/45th to the left... And lots of great coffee, restaurants, and shopping nearby!

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"Always take the scenic route." -- C. A. Bryant

 Photo of the Space Needle at sunset

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